Do you have rental property in our area? Or have you thought about buying an investment property to rent out? According to a new report from RealtyTrac, Okaloosa County has the # 5 best rental market IN THE NATION for renting single family homes to millennials. In all of the top 15 counties, the millennial share of the population increased at least 10 percent between 2008 and 2013, and annual wage growth outpaced annual rental rate growth.

 "Rapidly rising home prices and tepid wage growth have dampened single family rental investment returns and growth potential in many markets, but there are still plenty of solid opportunities available for real estate investors willing to cast a wider geographic net," said Daren Blomquist, senior vice president at RealtyTrac. "Rents are rising faster than median home prices in 45 percent of the markets analyzed -- indicating continued strong demand for rentals in those markets -- while annual wage growth is outpacing rent growth in 43 percent of the markets -- indicating room for rising rental returns in those markets.”

 Several members of the Gilliland Team here have rental properties. If this is something you are considering, give us a call, and we can point you in the right direction!