When choosing a real estate agent to sell your home, it’s tempting to go with the one that wants to list it for the highest price. Don’t do it! Experienced Realtors will tell you that listing your home at the right price from the very beginning is crucial to getting it sold the fastest and for the highest price. Research consistently shows that over-pricing your home, and then continually dropping the price while the home sits on the market for days to months leads to the home selling for much lower than it would have had it been priced appropriately for the market to begin with.

There are several factors that explain why that is. Overpricing can scare off good buyers before they even have a chance to see your home. Good agents can tell when a home is overpriced and can steer their clients in another direction. Overpricing a home will also cause the days on the market to just go on and on. Buyers are suspicious of homes that have seemed to sit on the market for too long. Overpricing will also lead to your home not showing up in the searches of qualified buyers. If you price your home at $275,000, but you would be happy to accept $250,000, you have just eliminated your home from any search in the $225-$250k range.

When choosing an agent, make sure that you don’t just go with the one that offers to list your home at the highest price. Make sure you go with one who fully explains how he or she got to their price, and can explain to you exactly what the market will bear.